Scale 100K+ connections
across thousands of servers

In the dynamic landscape of modern database management, optimizing performance and efficiently handling database traffic are paramount concerns for businesses of all sizes. Enter ProxySQL, a robust SQL proxy solution that acts as a pivotal bridge between database clients and servers, offering a plethora of features designed to streamline database operations.

ProxySQL isn’t just another tool in the arsenal of database administrators—it’s a game-changer. With its ability to intelligently route queries, balance loads, and provide failover handling, ProxySQL empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their database infrastructure. Whether you’re grappling with scalability challenges, striving to enhance performance, or seeking to ensure high availability, ProxySQL emerges as a versatile ally, capable of addressing diverse needs across various database environments.

  • ProxySQL Connection Multiplexing drastically reduces connection usage and load by intelligently serving multiple frontend connections using a single backend connection.

  • Build complex ProxySQL Query Rules to route writes to primaries, distribute reads across replicas and rewrite queries on the fly with highly granular criteria.

  • ProxySQL has a small footprint, deploy it anywhere:
    – decentralized on your application servers or K8s pods
    – in a centralized layer of ProxySQL servers

  • Run ProxySQL on bare-metal, VMs, Docker containers and absolutely anywhere you need guaranteed database service!
    – ProxySQL is both AMD64 (x86_64) and ARM64 compliant.

  • With zero vendor lock in your applications retain full MySQL compliance ensuring a simple and clean integration into your environment.

ProxySQL is trusted by countless organizations across the globe to meet their MySQL scalability and High Availability goals

Turbocharge any
MySQL Deployment

ProxySQL is fully compatible with Amazon (AWS) Aurora, Amazon RDS, Oracle MySQL, InnoDB Cluster & Group Replication, NDB Cluster, Galera Cluster, MariaDB Server, Percona Server & XtraDB Cluster.

* ProxySQL also features support for ClickHouse & SQLite Embedded

Absolutely loaded with features

Guarantee uptime in critical situations by complementing your deployment with a ProxySQL Subscription Plan