High-performance MySQL proxy with a GPL license.

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High performance

ProxySQL has an advanced multi-core architecture. It's built from the ground up to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections, multiplexed to potentially hundreds of backend servers. The largest ProxySQL deployment spans several hundred proxies.

ProxySQL: High Performance

Query rewriting

The development team doesn't need to rewrite queries generated by ORMs or software that can’t be easily modified. Meet ProxySQL's query rewriting feature, that empowers you to use the resources of your MySQL cluster as efficiently as possible.

ProxySQL: High Performance


Using its advanced rule engine, ProxySQL can easily support sharding by host, schema or a combination between the two. This requires minimal modifications to SQL queries, and to the application logic.

Query caching

Forget applications that generate load by inefficiently accessing the same results over and over again. ProxySQL quickly jumps in with its advanced rule engine. Results can also be cached for a configurable timespan, in native MySQL packets format.

Query Routing

Take an advanced case, where different classes of queries need to be routed to different MySQL clusters, with different configurations. Solve it with ProxySQL's hostgroup concept. Based on an advanced matching engine, it is able to route queries transparently towards the destination cluster that can execute them most efficiently.

Supports failover

While ProxySQL does not offer support failover as a feature, it collaborates smoothly with the existing tools that enable it. It monitors the health of the backends it communicates with and is able to temporarily shun them based on configurable error rates.

Advanced configuration with 0 downtime

ProxySQL’s configuration system is inspired from routers. You can dynamically configure everything, persist the configuration and modify it. All with 0 downtime.

Application layer proxy

ProxySQL does not forward traffic blindly. It understands the MySQL protocol and acts accordingly. That's why it can easily serve advanced use-cases such as sticky transactions or real-time, in-depth statistics generation about the workload.

Cross platform

ProxySQL works out of the box on multiple flavors of Linux and FreeBSD. Moreover, it should be easily portable to other platforms where a gcc-compatible toolchain is available.

Advanced topology support

Cascading proxies for extra availability and flexibility. Complex MySQL topologies support, involving replication and failover or query mirroring. All of it performed effortlessly by ProxySQL.


In case of offending queries that cause problems to the DB (SQL injection or inefficient retrieval of information via SELECT * without WHERE, for example), ProxySQL acts as a gatekeeper between the application and the DB, allowing DBAs to react quickly.